Frontend Developer

We are looking for a frontend developer with experience in cross-platform development on React Native or similar framework.

What this job involves is working on

  • developing a cross-platform mobile applications
  • developing a public web e-commerce solutions
  • developing a web application for backoffice operations
  • focusing on UI/UX improvements
  • testing of reliability of applications
 Required skills include
  • frontend development for enterprise applications
  • savvy in programming practices (refactoring, debugging, unit testing, integration testing)
  • experience with any frameworks for building mobile and web applications (ReactJS and React Native is a plus)
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, JS (ES6)
  • performance troubleshooting and optimizations.
  • perfect pixel frontend implementation
  • Git workflow
 Required knowledge includes
  • consuming web services (SOAP/Rest API)
  • mobile app development (native or cross-platform)
  • security, cryptography (basic level)
  • scrum practice
 Other beneficial skills or knowledge
  • online payment processing
  • microservice architecture
  • CQRS and domain-driven design
  • retail e-commerce
  • blockchain solutions