A purpose-built ticketing blockchain. For a reason

We are an NFT Technology provider, enabling tamper-proof event ticketing secured by purpose-built blockchain, unleashing fan engagement, and adding revenue from secondary trading. B.A.M is the first to bring industry-specific constraints into consideration and solve the blockchain trilemma for ticketing.

B.A.M Ticketing Blockchain Network

A blockchain ticketing system needs to be fast in selling and even faster when validating a single ticket. Our award-winning blockchain technology is specialized in high-speed ticket transactions, which barely any blockchain network can compete with.


B.A.M System Architecture

Our platform consists of several layers, with multitenant microservice architecture running in a Kubernetes cluster. This blockchain network copies the approach of microservices for the multitenant system, with protocol and access control layers.


Domain-Driven Design for NFT Ticketing

The B.A.M platform is a purpose-built blockchain solution solving the blockchain technology trilemma for live event ticketing supported by smart blockchain sharding, scaling, and load balancing algorithms.
Layer 1 blockchain ticketing​

There is no need for additional Layer-2 scaling. This performance can be provided for each single event.​

Transaction-tailored consensus​

Optimization of performance and security for each ticketing transaction type (issuance, transfer, etc.)​

Native ticketing smart contracts​

Lean smart contracts are optimized for the event ticketing industry developed in GoLang.​

Flexible sharding

Dynamic shards can be created for all ticketing stakeholders, business consortia, or even single events. ​​

Multi-zone scaling​

Processing is distributed automatically to the best available node resources to optimize transaction speed.​

Load balancing​

Transaction load is balanced to all authorized peers to optimize node performance.​


Optimized decentralization where each stakeholder in the ticketing life cycle adds an independent node to a hybrid blockchain – public, authority, and audit nodes add up to that.