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Covid 19 REopening

Fast Reopening with Digital Ticketing

B.A.M Ticketing enables quick and easy Covid 19 reopening with contactless ticket scanning, validation of digital health certificates, and an ID card in a single step without violating personal data privacy. Additional features like social distanced seating and time slot entries enable events to reopen faster during and after Covid restrictions.

Contactless Entry

Use QR-Code, NFC, or BLE to enter the venue or event at a safe distance for a fast Covid 19 reopening.

Social Distanced Seating

Automatically optimized seat utilization under Covid-19 restrictions.

Times Slot Entries

Staggered gate times avoid long cues or people grouping in front of a venue. Timeslot tickets at museums assure a safe capacity utilization.

Digital Ticketing with B.A.M’s Universal Wallet App

The safety of your patrons, fans, and staff comes first. Digital ticketing using our wallet ensures that entry is contactless and necessary security distances are maintained.

The B.A.M Wallet stores the user’s ticket, a digital health certificate (e.g. EU Green Pass), and personal ID credentials while preserving the highest data privacy.


Validate ticket and health certificates in one step

Verifying organizations identify the requirements needed to enter a specific venue and check with the B.A.M Validator App the individual’s credentials and a ticket to allow access.


Define your social distancing rules

Adjustable spacing

Determine how many seats are left open to the sides as well as front and back.

Limit Group Bookings

Allow family members to sit together by increasing the limit of seats that can be selected at once.

Disable aisle seats

Keep aisles safe to walk on by disabling a provided number of seats next to aisles.

Manually override rules

Hand pick seats that must be disabled or enabled over existing rules. ​

Real-time seat picking with occupancy optimization​

Maximum occupancy

The floor plan prevents the ticket buyer from selecting seats in a sub-optimal layout, thereby ensuring that rows are filled up as much as possible while procuring social distancing.

Set the rules

Create social distancing rulesets, test them on the playground, and apply them to your events. Update rulesets on the go as social distancing regulations change. No coding is required. ​