Own your COVID-19 health status

The B.A.M wallet stores your health status while preserving data privacy using verifiable credentials. Your health certificates are fully encrypted and private. You decide when you reveal them.

Validation of digital health pass certificate

How does a digital health pass work?

Similar to a physical credential (e.g. drivers license), a Verifiable Credential is an issued certificate containing health information (e.g. Covid-19 test results) about an individual. The unique value of Verifiable Credentials is that they are digitally native and cryptographically secure. This makes them a privacy-preserving alternative to other types of credentials.

Process of a verifiable credential for digital health pass data

Step 1
An issuing organization (test center, hospital etc.) generates a digital verifiable credential  and sends it to the individual. These may include test results, temperature checks, health surveys, contact tracing or vaccination records.


Step 2
An individual receives his health credentials into the B.A.M Wallet App. From there they can be shared with organizations as needed, e.g. to enter an event in combination with a valid ticket.


Step 3
The verifying organizations identify the requirements needed to enter a specific venue and check with the B.A.M Validator App the individual’s credentials and ticket to allow access.


Return to live events- NOW

Live event organizer are looking to bring fans back at pre-pandemic levels quickly. They could set the criteria for the health status and entry requirements.
Individuals can manage their health credentials through the encrypted digital B.A.M wallet on their smartphone. This allows patrons to maintain control of their personal information and share their health pass for entry to events like concerts, sports events, or other entertainment.