B.A.M Ticketing is the first distributed ledger and blockchain based event ticketing system. As such we digitize the old analog ticketing market worth almost USD 100 Bn. a year.

Development team has an opportunity to be involved in building scalable multi-tenant ticketing system from the ground up. This includes both working on infrastructure, deployments and software implementation of web and mobile applications for the end customers. With such a system we will be able to provide an out-of-the-box ticketing solution to multiple event businesses and enable them to connect with customers through public e-commerce sites for purchasing tickets.

What we offer

Experience in the rapidly growing technology of DLT and blockchain

Responsible tasks in a dynamic team with a flat hierarchy and short decisionmaking paths.

Competitive salary based on experience: part-time or full-time is negotiable.

Competitive and fair bonus program.

We are looking for