B.A.M Integration Solutions ​

B.A.M Products can be used as an out-of-the-box end-to-end solution, white-labeled ticketing and event management system or as a deeply integrated API-driven Ticketing-as-a-Service.



Our platform consists of several layers, with multitenant microservice architecture running in a Kubernetes cluster. This blockchain network copies the approach of microservices for the multitenant system, with protocol and access control layers.

We offer whitelabel siblings of all components (Marketplace, Wallet App, Validator App) without having to create the technology and infrastructure on your own.

Ticketing-as-a-Service API ​ ​

Achieved by moving business logic to the cloud. Our multi-tenant blockchain service can be accessed using APIs and SDKs, addressing elasticity and interoperability issues.

Easy to go

B.A.M Widget for your website

Sell tickets on your website

Collect concert or sports event memorabilia, trading cards, and more. Buy tickets, fan articles, or onsite beverages and food using your loyalty points or fan tokens.

Set up your ticketing in minutes

Validate local (EU Green Pass, Lead Horizon, testFWRD) and international digital health certificates (Good Health Pass, VC, etc.) as stand alonefeature or along with an event ticket in a single scan.

Seamless integration in your CI

Monitor the venue patron onboarding process in real-time.