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NFT EVENT Ticketing & Collectibles

Reinventing Ticketing
with NFT Technology

Our proprietary NFT Technology is enabling tamper-proof NFT event ticketing secured by a purpose-built blockchain, unleashing fan engagement, and adding revenue from secondary trading with NFT ticketing collectibles.

YOUR MONEYRevenue on
each transaction

Earn more on every single transaction and absorb even secondary market revenue and eliminate scalpers and bots.

YOUR FANSIncrease fan

Give fans everlasting memorabilia NFT tickets with immutable proof of attendance. Increase engagement with NFT collectibles

Your DataMore insights
and control

Collect fan data of current and all previous ticket holders. Enforce all ticketing terms and conditions with smart contracts.

Unrivaled performance
and execution

A blockchain ticketing system needs to be fast in selling and even faster when validating a single ticket. Our award-winning blockchain technology is specialized in high-speed ticket transactions, which barely any blockchain network can compete with.

BAM Blockchain Technology

Go way beyond ticketing

Live events demand more than just ticketing

As ticketing technology provider we go beyond just NFT Ticketing and provide a full even management platform and multiple integration possibilities into existing systems.

Pre-clear Covid-19 Digital Health Pass​

Pre-clear Covid-19
Digital Health Pass

Link ticket validity to a digital health pass and use our Validator App to check at gates.

Issue NFT Collectibles on multiple platforms​

Issue NFT Collectibles on multiple platforms

Fan Engagement is essential for Artists, Sports Clubs, and Events. With our solution, you can add individual NFT Collectibles to the ticket.

Include Metaverse and Live Streaming​

Include Metaverse
and Live Streaming

Your event, our solution. Dive into a whole new way of event experience with us.

Secure KYC and personalized tickets​

Secure KYC and
personalized tickets

Know your customers by linking ticket validity to a Personal ID.

A full-fledged Event Management Platform​

A full-fledged Event
Management Platform

Event CRM and patron Management Platforms help you to organize the event in one place.

Fully integrated with existing applications​

Fully integrated with existing applications

With Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK), we provide you with flexible ways to connect to our technology.


Empower limitless ticketing

Issuance of digital tickets can be done in seconds and sales channels and markets are monitored and controlled.

Empower limitless ticketing
Unify all sales channels

Manage your whole ticket inventory in one place. Dynamically control allocations and commissions. Get real-time insights into all sales channels.

Define pricing and transaction rules

Limit transferability of tickets (e.g. VIP tickets). Define maximum prices or markups for secondary markets. Set transaction fees for additional revenue.

Monitor market prices

Analyze secondary market prices and behavior to develop a dynamic pricing scheme.

Transparent and secure Secondary Market

Create a secondary market for your patrons where they can securely transfer and sell their tickets.


Hassle-free ticketing experience

B.A.M Ticketing eliminates any ticket fraud and associated costs leading to satisfied fans, artists, and event organizers.

No Fake Tickets

No Fake Tickets

B.A.M cryptographic digital tickets eliminate any fake and other fraudulent tickets as well as the associated costs and fees that they cause.

No Scalper Bots​

No Scalper Bots

Enforcing maximum secondary market prices through smart programmable tickets is the instantaneous death of scalpers.

No Black Markets​

No Black Markets

B.A.M blocks harmful middlemen automatically by monitoring all primary and secondary transactions on the network. ​