NFT Event Ticketing & collectibles


We go way beyond NFT Ticketing

Next generation blockchain business application

Smart organizers monetize better

They use the only purpose-built ticketing blockchain on the market.

Our technology is superior in three ways (at least).

Lightning Speed

50x faster than generic blockchains (ETH, Polygon...). <1sec minting, processing & validation. Multi-tenancy with elastic scaling

Secure Execution

Eliminating bots & scalpers. Controlling secondary market sales & profit. Real-time sync on server & app level

Purpose-built blockchain

A reliable business application can`t rely on generic public chains. It requires privacy rules, no minting or transaction cost


Playground & WOW Effect

Wow your attendees, establish loyalty and let everyone profit from trading tickets & NFTs.

Pick the perfect media for different target groups & occasions.

NFT Event Ticketing & collectibles

NFTs create
new revenue streams

Earn more on every transaction.
Control secondary market trading & your additional profit with NFT collectibles.

We deliver service
and technology

Our team is a symbiosis of experienced developers and event professionals. Together we assure your attendees are wowed and your business grows.


Fan-first, purpose-built blockchain for ensuring the integrity of ticketing data, pioneering value-added services for fans, and creating a new revenue streams for event organizers.


Our API-first approach & Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for modular integration of your processes. Front-end & back-end can be run independently allowing to keep your customer facing UI in place.

Access control

Zone based access control via PWA (WebApp) or App using (dynamic) QR-codes and contactless chips (NFC/RFID).

Manage online registration, work day bookings, access badges, zone permissions, digital food & beverage vouchers.

Our event management solution covers all you need on top of NFT ticketing. Registration forms, event websites, email communication, travel & session booking, web conferencing & streaming. The event management suite simplifies your organisational tasks & guest communication.


Prevent fake tickets & eliminate black markets with NFT ticketing powered by blockchain technology. Control resale & transfer of tickets by setting your own rules. Define thresholds, resale commissions and rule executions on event basis.

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