NFT Tickets with blockchain technology

NFT Tickets are tamper-proof, self-executing smart contracts using blockchain technology. But Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be used to create value in many additional ways. They can represent anything, whether it’s a digital memorabilia ticket or a special moment in sports or even a unique live recording. NFT Ticketing and Collectibles is set to completely change the way fan satisfaction and engagement works for good.

NFT Ticketing

Adding secondary market revenue to live events. Eliminating black markets, scalpers and ticket fraud.


Secured by blockchain technology where terms and conditions are digitally enforced.

NFT Add-ons

Staggered gate times avoid long cues or people grouping in front of a venue. Timeslot tickets at museums assure a safe capacity utilization.

Your rules and fair prices in all market phases

Provide your patrons and fans a secure secondary market place and foreclose rip-offs from third-party markets like ViaGoGo and similar highway robbery. Present your customers a secure and auditable secondary market without ticket touts, scalpers or bots.

Secondary Market Control
Safeguard fair prices in all market phases

The rules for transferability and pricing are set by the ticket issuer or event organizer. For example, prohibit the transfer of VIP tickets or just allow the transferability to a friend or relative.

Smart contracts let organizers control the pricing on all distribution channels. Event organizers can even limit the maximum markup for secondary sales or just allow face value resales for fair prices on secondary markets.

Scum Detection
Eliminate black markets and highway robbery

Bots, scalpers, touts, criminals, and secondary sales on auction sites are common. Blockchain technology is an easy solution to gather actionable business intelligence about how and where tickets are being sold and resold.

Our permissioned blockchain identifies BOTS, scalpers and other rogues immediately using behavioral scoring models. This even works without knowing the real identity of the rogues or where they are.

Increase fan engagement and generate more revenue

Don’t surrender secondary market revenue to the touts, scalpers and bots - bring it under your control and bring additional revenue to all ticketing stakeholders. Bind your audience even closer and issue unique NFT Collectibles for them along with the event ticket or as upsale.

Secondary Market Revenue

BAM provides an integrated and secure secondary market to all your tickets. If a NFT ticket is resold, that transaction triggers royalty payments to the issuer as well as any other stakeholder – artists, sports clubs, sponsors, promoters or a charity.

Earn on every ticket transaction and take complete control over primary and secondary market.

Loyalty and Collectibles

Event organizers can issue NFT Tickets as stand-alone digital memorabilia or issue additional NFT Collectibles as trade cards, special moments of a live event or more valuable exclusive content.

Because every primary or secondary market transaction collects 1st party data, they can also be used to augment loyalty programs. Loyalty points may be used for auctions or presale access to your next event or for merchandise.

Elimination of duplicate and fake tickets

No more ticket fraud

Every NFT Ticket is cryptographically unique, and its ownership is recorded on a distributed blockchain. The ownership and authenticity of a ticket is instantly verified. This verification is automatially enforced for any ticket transfer or resale to protect all patrons and fans.

Using blockchain technology we effectively eliminate duplicate and other fraudulent tickets from primary and secondary markets.