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Earn additional revenue from untouched markets

B.A.M Ticketing brings the currently untouched secondary market to event organizers, yielding revenue directly to them. For the first time control both, primary and secondary markets. Plus you profit from every transaction.

Primary & Secondary market revenues

Every time an NFT ticket is resold royalty payments to the issuer are triggered as well as any other stakeholder – artists, sports leagues, sponsors, promoters, a charity, or anyone with a digital wallet.

Controlling all processes and transactions

Bots, scalpers, bad actors, criminals, and 2nd-party sales on ViaGoGo are common. NFT tickets offer an easy way to gather information about how and where your tickets are being (re)sold. You can find the exact moment and amount of the transaction, the address of digital wallets in use, and much more. 

No middlemen and higher availability

Cutting out bots, professional resellers and other unwanted intermediaries like ViaGoGo yields up to 10 times more available tickets to real fans.

Fraudless and secure secondary market

Provide a hassle-free ticket buying experience to your patrons. No fake tickets, exactly the tickets ordered, and secure ticket delivery in seconds.

Finally fair prices for all participants

B.A.M Ticketing supports face-value tickets as well as capped ticket prices. Due to the inherent ticket security ticket prices and handling fees are low and always fair.