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One wallet to rule them all

Our wallet app is an all-in-one solution to securely store the blockchain and traditional tickets, flight tickets, member cards, digital health data, NFT collectibles, and many more. The user collects and B.A.M tidies up.

BAM Wallet App for iOS and Android

Everything in one place ​

From Ticketing to Health Pass and Digital Payments

All common ticket types

Our universal wallet manages NFT Tickets, E-Tickets, pkpass tickets, and even your entry to the Metaverse.​All common ticket types.

Personalised Tickets

Personalized tickets ​

Let your patrons do a fully digital personalized process independently when or where they bought their tickets with our full KYC Service.

Secure Health pass

Health Pass Integration

Connect the validity of a ticket to a valid digital health certificate. Validate both with a single scan at the entrance .

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

Tamper-proof and fairly priced tickets ​

Provide your patrons a secure ticket buying experience and block unwanted market participants ​

NFT Fan Collectibles

Store digital NFT fan collectibles

Within the wallet all kinds of NFT collectibles, PEP, artwork, digital trading cards, music, and videos are storable. ​

Digital Payments

Multiple digital payment methods

Either Fiat or Crypto payments are available or the possibility of using loyalty points.​ ​

Supported Passes

PKPass provider and issuer

Easy does it ​

All in your hands

Tickets, vouchers, boarding passes, coupons, and customer cards can be stored clearly and securely as virtual objects on IOS and Android devices. ​
Smart context functionalities​​

Smart context functionalities​

Depending on the user's location and time, B.A.M Wallet automatically displays relevant cards and
tickets on the lock screen. For example, when the user arrives at the airport, the boarding pass may be displayed.

Adding passes is a breeze​

Adding passes is a breeze

The fastest and easiest way to add tickets is to use an app that supports a wallet. This could be a store app or the application of the airline with which the user has reserved a flight ticket, for example. The user can also add tickets to the wallet directly in the browser or from an email. ​

Push messages

Push messages

If times, seats, or similar change again after the digital tickets have already been bought and paid for, they are automatically and promptly updated on the Android and IOS devices – push messages included if supported.​

More than a virtual wallet

Context-sensitive reminders can be used to remind the user of upcoming trips, and tickets can be displayed on the lock screen at the exact time needed. Even sharing is easily possible with some apps and it serves the user as a personal Digital Health Pass.

Slim and fast

B.A.M Wallet has compact but well-thought-out settings. For example, the B.A.M Wallet temporarily increases the screen brightness when displaying tickets, has sorting functions, and can also switch between a light and a dark mode.