NFT Ticketing & Collectibles for live events

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Our single gateway to a plethora of web3 services

We deliver

1. NFT Ticketing-as-a-Service for easy integration in existing ticketing and event management solutions

Seamless API & SDK Integration
A single gateway to extensive web3 services
Multichain NFT Tickets & Collectibles publishing

2. Software-as-a-Service for organisers who need a ready-to-use NFT Ticketing solution

Realtime payouts to your account
White-label ticketing solution
Attendee, crew & partner management


One wallet to
rule them all

Our wallet app is an all-in-one solution to securely store NFT Tickets and legacy pkpass event tickets, flight tickets, membership cards, digital health data, NFT collectibles, and many more. 

NFT Ticketing companies - BAM-Wallet-Mockup

Our customers’
most loved features

Additional revenue, full market control, and increased fan engagement

Secondary Market Revenue
Enable new revenue streams by controlling secondary market trading. Define your own rules & trading commissions.
NFT Collectibles
Proof of attendance NFTs, Superfan Collectibles & Loyalty Rewards. Connect with your communities and celebrate your fans.
Token Airdrops
Reward, engage, and communicate with fans by sending tokens directly to users' wallet und multiple chains.

Pricing made simple

Use our ticketing marketplace right away, request a whitelabel ticketing platform, or integrate with your existing ticketing solution.


Whitelabel Ticketing Solution


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