A purpose-built ticketing blockchain. For a reason

We are a universal web3 service provider for NFT Ticketing, Collectibles & Loyalty with a proprietary award-winning blockchain technology. B.A.M is the first to bring industry-specific constraints into consideration and solve the blockchain trilemma for ticketing.

Unrivaled Technology

The most thought-through solution

While other solutions do not support on-chain transaction execution or fast settlement, B.A.M Ticketing provides the purpose-built NFT Ticketing solution needed for the live event industry.


Ticketing is very demanding

A blockchain ticketing system needs to be fast in selling and even faster when validating a single ticket. General-purpose blockchains can not meet these requirements. Our award-winning blockchain technology is specialized in high-speed NFT Ticketing transactions.

NFT Ticketing-as-a-Service

Easy Integration

B.A.M is an easy to integrate multitenant application layer, which can be integrated with the whole live event infrastructure via API services and SDKs.

NFT Ticketing Technology Integration


web3 SuperNodes for the event industry

B.A.M SuperNodes serve as a universal web3 gateway to services on general-purpose blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Near, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism etc.) and B2B/B2B2C blockchains (Quorum, Fabric, Corda).


Domain-Driven Design
for NFT Ticketing

The B.A.M platform is a purpose-built blockchain solution solving the blockchain technology trilemma for live event ticketing supported by smart blockchain sharding, scaling, and load balancing algorithms.

Layer 1 blockchain solution

There is no need for additional Layer-2 scaling. The same performance can be provided for each single event.

Transaction-tailored consensus​

Optimization of performance and security for each ticketing transaction type (issuance, transfer, etc.)

Native ticketing smart contracts​

Lean smart contracts are optimized for the event ticketing industry developed in GoLang.​

Flexible sharding

Dynamic shards can be created for all ticketing stakeholders, business consortia, or even single events. ​​

Multi-zone scaling​

Processing is distributed automatically to the best available node resources to optimize transaction speed.​

Load balancing​

Transaction load is balanced to all authorized peers to optimize node performance.​


Optimized decentralization where each stakeholder in the ticketing life cycle adds an independent node to a the blockchain network – public, authority, and audit nodes add up to that.