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Liberating Artists, Event Organizers and Fans.

Tamper-proof digital NFT event ticketing secured by blockchain technology. Eliminating black markets and adding revenue from secondary trading.

BAM NFT EVENT ticketing

We go way beyond just NFT Ticketing

Live events demand more than just ticketing. As ticketing technology provider we provide a full even management platform and multiple integration possibilities into existing systems.

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

Earn additional revenue

B.A.M Ticketing brings the currently untouched secondary market to event organizers, yielding revenue directly to them. And for the first time you control both, primary and secondary market. Therefore you profit from every transaction.

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

One wallet to rule them all

Issuance of digital tickets can be done in seconds. All your sales channels and markets can be monitored and controlled. Our universal wallet app manages common e-tickets and pkpass tickets along with B.A.M digital tickets.

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

Event Management Platform

Manage a secure marketplace. Buy, sell and transfer tamper-proof NFT tickets and E-Tickets. Use the official marketplace, or create event microsites. Integrate our event widgets into any existing website.


B.A.M is an NFT Technology provider, enabling tamper-proof event ticketing. Secured by our purpose-built blockchain, we are unleashing fan engagement and adding revenue from secondary trading. B.A.M is the first bringing industry-specific constraints into consideration therefore solving the blockchain trilemma for ticketing.​


B.A.M is a purpose-built blockchain solution. We are solving the blockchain technology problems for live event ticketing. We achieve this by smart blockchain sharding, scaling, and load balancing algorithms. 

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

Primary & Secondary Market Revenues

Every time a NFT ticket is resold, royalty payments to the issuer are triggered as well as any other stakeholder. Literally anyone with a digital wallet can benefit from this.

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain

Secure And Fair Ticketing

B.A.M Ticketing supports face value tickets as well as capped ticket prices. Due to the inherent ticket security, ticket prices and handling fees are low and always fair.

BAM NFT event ticketing blockchain Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement

Collect concert or sport event memorabilia, trading cards and more. Buy tickets, fan articles or onsite beverages and food using your loyalty points or fan tokens.


At B.A.M we offer you a complete solution for all types of events. We have thought of every little detail and found a solution for all of them.