Digital Ticketing Solution for Events

Memorable Events, Exclusive NFTS

Our self-service platform enables each event organizer to manage the ticketing lifecycle at any time on its own

Flexible ticket & voucher configurations

Leverage ticket categories like daily passes, weekend passes, merchandise, and add-ons to elevate the event experience and customize participation to align with the preferences of your visitors.

Promo Codes

Utilize promo codes when purchasing tickets to access discounts or exclusive offers on ticket prices, allowing event organizers, sponsors, or partners to encourage attendance and show appreciation to customers.

Plan presales activities

Establish diverse ticket tiers accompanied by linked NFT collectibles and designate distinct sales periods featuring exclusive presale and early bird pricing.

Gather more user data

Custom registration forms enable organizers to effortlessly gather specific, personalized information from attendees tailored for each ticket type during the registration process.

Flexible payment options

Instant payout of ticket proceeds to event organizers via Stripe. Accept a plethora of payment methods suhc as Credit and Debit Cards, Bank transfers, Buy now, pay later, Venmo, Cryptocurrencies etc.

Organizer's Dashboard

Utilize the Organizer's Dashboard as your command center, providing access to a wealth of functionalities. From generating custom event reports and creating new events to monitoring ongoing sales, this centralized hub empowers you with comprehensive event management tools at your fingertips.

Embed a ticket shop in any existing website

Seamlessly integrate the widget into your website, empowering you to vend tickets on your branded page. Effortlessly distribute complimentary tickets to guests, access insightful reports, oversee all orders, and conveniently initiate refunds or ticket resends – all effortlessly orchestrated from a single, unified platform.

Flexible reporting engine

Explore and visualize your data, from simple line charts to highly detailed geospatial charts.

Marketing Tools

Enhance your outreach with social sharing and SEO optimized event information.

Seating Previews

Provide customers with a lifelike preview of their chosen seats.

Seating Plan

Design personalized seat maps for your events, complete with designated seating areas, multiple pricing tiers, and the added feature of allowing attendees to preview their seat's perspective.

NFT Ticket Stub

Enhance your customer experience by incorporating personalized NFT videos into your tickets. Craft distinct content for each ticket category, revolutionizing communication with your attendees through an innovative and engaging medium.

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The users love the buying experience

"That was such a seamless ticket biuying experience and so much less stressful than any other on-sale."
"This was a million times easier than the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco I delt with a couple of weeks ago."
"Very much appreciated the transparency re: place in queue and estimated wait time, and the extended time to enter personal and payment details! 10/10!!"

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