Event Management suite & blockchain ticketing

Our Event CRM is your crystal ball

Manage public, private & hybrid events with our B.A.M Event Suite

Core parts of
Event Managment

Fast preparation & setup of the most important attendee touchpoints

Communication Email, Newsletter, Landingpages, WebApp

Organisation Personalized invitations, Session Registration, Travel planning, Live Streaming, Badge printing…

Control Access control rules, Contactless NFC wristbands & badges, Live tracking & monitoring

Tools organisers love

We created an all-in-one Web3 event management suite to manage all participants of physical and hybrid events

Client CRM / Lead collection

Collect guest data across multiple events and use it for targeted campaigns

Side Events

Organise registration, seating, transportation & check-in for selected groups of guests

Session Planning

Offer booking slots for each session, define limited capacities and provide a personalised booking overview

Session Registration

Manage transportation & accommodation requirements including airport pick-up, shuttle services and hotel bookings

Collect & manage attendee data

KYC – Know your customers and improve their loyalty using smart data analytics

Lead Collection